Need to increase the value of your home to achieve your property goals? Adelaide mortgage broker Hayley Walsh explains how.

The relentless march of time and rapidly changing fashions can quickly make your treasured home feel dated.

But whether you’re planning to sell your property or just wanting to add value to it, there are many ways you can freshen it up without spending huge wads of cash.

Provided you don’t have any structural issues or failing plumbing, a little TLC and some strategic updates can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

And it will make it feel that much more homely!

Here are some top tips to give your prized patch of turf an inexpensive home makeover

Paint job

You’ll be amazed at what a little fresh paint can do for the look, feel and value of your home.

It’s a job that you can do relatively inexpensively if you are prepared to do it yourself.

It might be worth bringing in professionals to tackle ceilings as these can be particularly stressful on necks and backs.

If selling is on the table, bear in mind neutral colours will appeal to the most people.

Doors and door frames, window frames and skirting boards might respond to a good scrub with sugar soap or washing soda, without needing a repaint.

Kitchen update 

The kitchen is one of the real showpieces and often considered the heart of the home.

In terms of resale value, the more money you put into a kitchen, the more you will get out of your property.

Short of forking out for a brand new kitchen, there are plenty of ways to update one.

New kitchen cabinetry – this will add enormous appeal to your kitchen. Depending on the age and condition of your cabinets, even new handles will give the room a lift.

Replace splashback – replacing the splashback alone can lift the room. There are many coloured and clear options available with acrylic a money-saving alternative to glass, although it’s not suitable near a stove.

Replace taps – new taps can give any kitchen a real upgrade. They also have the flow-on effect of implying the plumbing is in tip top shape.

Water filtration system – these will purify your water and save money on buying the bottled variety. It’s a relatively inexpensive luxury although certain systems require some level of ongoing maintenance and costs.

Energy-saving appliances – you may not want to replace these all at once but when the need arrives to buy a new fridge or dishwasher, opt for the best energy-saving appliances. They will save you money and be welcomed by potential buyers.

Bathroom update

Besides the kitchen, the other room in the house that offers a big return on investment is the bathroom.

Like the kitchen, it’s the little touches that can make a big difference.

A good clean doesn’t hurt either.

The overall look – replacing a tired old vanity, tiling or wallpaper can bring your bathroom into the 2020s without burning a huge hole in your wallet.

Lighting – one of the most important features of a bathroom, it is functional as well as decorative. A few dollars spent on modern lighting will go a long way.

Toilet and sink – dated toilets and sinks can put decades on the age of a bathroom. A new toilet spells “clean” while the latest freestanding sink styles will take years off your house.

New taps – bathroom fashions evolve quickly and yours can soon be left behind. Some new matching taps will work wonders.

Kerb appeal

Tidy up the front garden or spend some money on someone who will.

Overgrown hedges and patchy lawn are an instant turn-off to the overall look of your home from the street.

A little landscaping will do wonders too.

Some new plants and fresh mulch can really give your property a whole new vibe.

Keep an eye out too for a broken or crooked letterbox.

Rethink the entrance

If people are still smiling as they walk past your brand new front garden, you’ll not want to let them down at the front door.

A feature front door can make a real statement. Once inside, a clean, welcoming foyer is a must. A striking piece of artwork can make an impact.

Make that first impression count!

Also consider these ways to add value to your home:

Flooring – call in the professionals to clean carpets and rugs if you can. If they can’t be saved, they’ll need to be replaced. Or maybe you can rip them up and restore some floorboards that lie beneath.

Update light switches and fixtures – an electrician can change over old and yellowed light switches for a minimal cost. If you’ve got more money to spend, consider new lighting fixtures throughout your house.

In the garden – you’ve got the front lawn looking pristine but don’t forget about the back. Get down and dirty and send those weeds to the sin bin. A high-pressure hose can help tidy up paths, paintwork and outdoor furniture. And make sure the BBQ is glistening.

Get advice today

Whether you are thinking about selling soon or down the track, there are always ways you can add value to your home and maximise the return on your assets.

We also work with our clients to maximise the value of their homes to allow them to refinance and get a better loan deal, invest, renovate or make other moves to help them achieve their goals.

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